More spring boarding 

You know how it goes “make hay while the sun shines”. Well for us it’s “shred the hills while the snow remains”. Picked up JMan from school and headed to Wachusett again today. GMan and a friend joined us.

JMan and I heading up.

Conditions were good until the temps dropped, then it got choppy. But all in all it was a great afternoon/evening of boarding.

The boys at the end of day. Can’t imagine Jimmy Quinn on a snowboard! However, he’d be good in a groomer….kinda like a Massey Ferguson….but with tracks. 

BTW. The Arc’Teryx Iser shell got another good workout today and I’m liking the results so far. Dry and warm and waterproof as I managed to bail a few time snowboarding slowly. It’s harder to stay upright when moving at JMans speed.

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