Spring snow boarding 

GMan and I got in some spring boarding today. We got to Wachusett just before the lifts opened and carved up…well down some really nice corduroy.

The boys on the lift.

It was also a good opportunity to try out my newest piece of gear….well new to me as I snagged it on flee bay. It’s an Arc’Teryx Iser shell. Depending on where you buy it there anywhere from mid fours to high fives. I picked this one up (with tags still attacked) for $214…..yup, wicked bargain as we’d say around here.

Overall it’s a bomb proof shell. Completely wind proof with the right amount of well placed pockets. Unlike most boarding jackets the Iser is more formed fitted. Not tight, but definitely not baggy. As the day wore on I sheaded a layer but kept the shell on. I was plenty warm with just one layer under it. Again, since no wind get through and as it wicks away moisture I was dry and warm all day. Undre arm ventilation is fairly standard on all boarding/ski jackets and its easily found and adjusted on this one. 

They run true to size so keep that in mind when shopping. I’m on the smaller size so a medium works for me. The powder skirt is snug around the waist and won’t do anything for New England snow but it does keep the cold wind out. I guess if you were a skier and had a total yard sale the skirt would keep out the snow…..well slush we have around here.

Over all I’m very happy with this shell and would recommend it to anyone in the market for a high end shell. However, the regular retail price is a bit of a shocker but perhaps you’ll also get lucky on flee bay.

Photo my DB. Yours truly taking in the view.

Later in the am some friends showed up and we boarded until noon. By that time I had 15 runs in and a new top speed of 46.9 mph. That’s 9 mph more than my last 36.9 record…..shredded it! Not sure if the new shell helped but conditions were very good and listing to my hood flapping was an incentive to go even faster……apparently I did.

After lunch I got in another 7 runs for a total of 22. According to Garmin Connect my Training Effect was 1.0, but my legs are telling a whole different story. If anyone is around on Thursday we’ll be back for more.

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