Castle Hill

Castle Hill is one of my most favorite place on the north shore. I spend years coming up to Cranes Beach, visiting the house or taking some event. Just walking down the garden to the beach is worth the visit. Since we were just down the road we decided to once again check out the grand old estate.

The downstairs of the house was open so we did a quick tour. The grand stair case is quite grand. They (or should I say we) don’t build them like they used to.

The garden leading to the beach is worth the walk for exercise and the views.

JMan hoping for a magical ride.

The boys take in a game of chess.

The house on the hill….yes, that blue dot is Jess.

And she caught up to me.

And a little further down……

And finally the end!

If you are ever up this way and like cool old houses you’ll have to visit Castle Hill.

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