Cape Cod – Day 6

This sure beats cold pizza and warm beer for breakfast! Actually it was a mid morning snack for the rest of the family yesterday morning while I was slogging away at case work and fielding roll over calls! No, I can’t activate your product, or transfer to someone who can but good luck with that one…..sur.

Nothing like some Salt Water Taffy for the ride home.

Taffy in all manner of flavor. I think they have 25 to choose from.

You simply cannot spend a week on Cape Cod without going to an amusement arcade.

Jess and GMan waiting for tickets to appear.

GMan discovered this one on the bottom….pre filet and all.

And of course Pokesomethingorother!

Zero traffic on the Sagamore Bridge. Well….one car, but who counting.

Back in the homestead. We all had a great time on the Cape. 

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