Cape Cod – Day 4

All day off today. We got off to a very slow start, not sure if I’d totally blame the weather, but let’s pretend. It’s 25 years since I experienced a rainy summer day on Cape Cod, but giving my heratige I’m not about to let a little water falling from the sky to put a damper on things.

However, rainy days all those years ago were a good excuse to go bar hopping, today was a bit different, but the weather does remind me of the green sod across the big pond.

Original and still the best. We took the long way to Woods Hole passing several houses I lived in over the years. If those walls could talk, they’d write a novel or two for sure.

Lunch at Pie in the Sky…..good sandwiches, better pie. 

Steamship Authority. Home of the free bus service to Falmouth when we did not have a car! Ask me about that when you see me.

We walked down to see the seals at the Oceanagraph Institute passing the Captain Kidd and the Woods Hole Market. 

I have many stories from both but one comes to mind. 25 years ago when I first got to Falmouth/Woods Hole I used to walk down with whatever cash, usually washers (change to the rest of you) from a good night at the Irish Embassy bar to buy groceries. Since beer was more important than food and money was always tight I typically bought eggs and bread. Funny how making eggs now reminds me of those days. Still short on cash but for different reasons, however now I have good credit! Life is funny.

Wood Hole Market.

Captain Kidd. This was not our local as the Irish Embassy in Falmouth was full of Irish kids. However, on Monday night the Kidd was our stomping grounds as the embassy was closed. Just because your local was closed does not mean you sit home and wait for it to open. Anyhow, there was nothing like a bucket of Rolling Rocks and a bowl of clams from the Kidd.

From there we headed to “The Knob”. This little gem is in Quissett Harbor and well worth a visit, even in the rain. Not a lot has changed except the lookout got a bit more upscale with some pavers. It’s a five, six minute walk for a great view.

View of the trail leading up to the lookout. 

Below is a pano of Quissett Harbor with “The Knob” trail marker on the right.

From there we took the long way back taking in the sights, all the while I relayed old tails of my mis spend not so youth on Cape Cod.

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