Ragged Mountain 

Today we are at Ragged Mountain. After out hasty retreat from the Echno Lodge we headed south on a very unplowed 93. Apparently the 5″ of snow/ice got ahead of the road crews. At on point 93 North was closed and we saw several off road maneuvers.

We got to the mountain just after it opened and found a near empty parking lot. Considering it’s Tuesday I assumed it would be quite but it was also warm and foggy.

Here’s a photo on our first run. Mind you 10 runs later the view did not change.


And at the top.


Another at the top.

GMan getting ready.

In case you forgot where we were!


Here’s a few lift shots. GMans up first…

And your truly.  
 It was a great day of boarding even if we could not see 50′. We got a little wet from all the fog and rain but it was worth it.

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