Bretton Wood

GMan and I are boarding at Bretton Woods today. The lodge is busy but the lift lines are moving and there plenty of trails to choose from.


At the top….well, top of one lift.


Fun was had by all. We got in a bunch of runs and had plenty of trails to choose from. Conditions were good but without man made snow we’d be hiking! 

Now for a game of one thing does not look like the other. Ever get the feeling that something is just not right. I’m not sure what trail we were on but my right boot did not feel tight.

See the difference? One of the Boa anchors ripped out of my boot.

Here’s what it should look like.

 And here’s what it shouldn’t look like!  

You can crank down on it but it never seems to tighten up enough. I’ll chance it tomorrow and see what happens. 

On the way home we stopped at The Basin on Francinia Notch for a few selfies.



Dinner at Foster Boiler Room. I won’t mention the Econo Lodge…..lets just say it’s fairy eco. Next time we are in town we’ll be staying here…..well at The Common Man Inn and Spa.


GMan found this note in a crack of the brick wall. 



Food was great…..we’ll be back. However, the desert was to die for.


Update on the Econo Lodge. Shortly after we went to bed I woke to hear drumming….I thought. It turned out to be the heater in the room above us. It would come on, rise in beat and then peter off. Between that and the choice of rock hard pillow number one or two I knew it was going to be a light nights sleep. Well all that was crowned by the fire alarm at 4:24!

Like I said it’s The Common Mannext time around.

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