Homemade snowboard racks

I needed some snowboard racks in my basement to get our gear off the ground. I wanted to spend nothing so I went hunting in my garage for anything I could use.

I came across some cheap shelf brackets and as luck would have it I found six…..that’s two per board, for all three boards.

Here’s a shot of the top two brackets in place.


I used some pipe insulation held on with zip ties so I won’t have metal against metal which will dull our edges and scrape the board bottoms.



My board on the top shelf.


A few minutes later all three were in place.


What you need:

1. Shelf brackets.
2. Pipe insulation that will fit over the brackets.
3. Some wire ties.
4. Screw gun/drill.
5. Sheet Rock screws.
6. A Level, but you can eyeball it.

I found a few studs and screwed directly into them. I suggest you do the same if you want your boards to stay on the wall!


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