GMan and I took a rolling class. The start was more of a how to gracefully fall out of your kayak, but toward the end I was at least getting the mechanics down.

The most important thing I learned was its all in the hips! No strength involved, all in the hips.

Now….for an Irish guy with two left feet and (ask my wife) no sway in the hips, it was work, but fun work. Perhaps this will improve my dancing! Hmmmm…na, not a chance. You know what say about white guys and dancing…..well the Irish take that to a new level. Heck, someone has to hold up the bar!

All in all is was a great class. Check out Charles River Canoe and Kayak.

The following at pictures from last weeks trek on the Concord River.


GMan found a baby otter out for a swim. It climbed up on his paddle for a rest.


Warp speed Mr. Sulu! Pano and AutoStitch.


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