Camping – Day 1

All photos at bottom.

It’s that time of year again when GMan and I join B and A on our annual Memorial weekend camping trip.

Once again we waited to long to book but managed to once again score the two lean-too’s at Lake Saint Cathrin’s, Pourtney VT. Same place as last year with almost the same sites.

The drive up was uneventful but nice. Since I picked up GMan for school Monerpenny (thats what I call my GPS) sent us to RT12 to just south of Ruthland, then west on 4 to Pourtney.

Our two site are separated a little more than last year, but its still a short walk. My goal for this trip other than not catching phumomia as its being raining all day, or falling out of my kayak as the water is still very cold is to not use ice! Sounds easy, but think about how many times you go into your refrigerator in a day. It’s a lot!

So, in preparation I only bought non perishable food. I also picked up some dehydrated meals for the EMS at the Manchester NH mall. By the way the staff are very helpful and knowledgable. Other items included instant oat meal, snack bars, apples, oranges, crackers and a peanut spread. Not peanut butter as I still cannot eat it….we also brought bottled water and Gatorade. The camp ground has water and its good, but the bottled water is handle and if we ever get out on our kayaks we can bring a few.

Another first is cooking, well at least for ourselves. Typically we share B’s grill but this time we will be cooking for ourselves. I picked up an Optimus Crux backpacking stove and so far very impressed. Stay tuned for more info and a full review.

By the way it’s now 6am on Saturday and its still raining! GMan and I got into out sleeping bags almost fully clothed last night. Speaking of rain, dice I grew up in Ireland I can appreciate a blue sky. However, we may be bailing early if it keeps up.

I’ll also be reviewing my new Thermarest Trail Pro which I bought at the new Nashua EMS. For the outdoorsy type should check it out. Bigger store on the RT side of DWH. As usual the staff were very helpful and knowledge.

Weather for Friday.


Weather for Saturday.


Camping Stove.


GMan poses with dinner.


The end results were surprising good. GMan said “this is awesome, can we have it every night”. Not sure if he meant camping or in general. In any event it was good.


Subu in the rain.


You can’t go camping without a campfire.




I’m embarrassed to say this, but the wifi at the mall was so bad we ended up in Dick’s. I’m not going to buy anything just suck up a few wifi waves. By the way it 11:40am and still raining.

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