Geek Squad

While in NJ we decided to upgrade Jess’ moms laptop. The old one was approximately ten years old and I believe my current iPhone has more ram!

We visited the local Best Buy (first mistake) on Thursday evening. After a brief conversation with what seemed like a two year old we decided on a mid level machine that would get the job done and allow room to grow.

The next mistake was asking the Geek Squad to transfer the data off the old PC including all Outlook Express address information. We also bought Office and a printer and were told that it would take no more than a few hours to set everything up.

Jess returned that same evening with old PC and was reassured we’d be all set by noon or so the following day. The idea was to get the machine set up then head back to MA.

Friday came and went and after a visit and several phone calls to the store we were told that the Microsoft server was not responding and they could not register Office. Also, they said “we don’t know how to move over the Outlook Express addresses”. My fist thought was “Google it”. After all you are the experts and we are paying for this service! Figure it out! Those first and second mistakes were really hitting home.

Jess went over to the store again and picked up the machine, keep on mind it’s now Saturday! We set to the printer which was not set as the default which was also requested, I Googled how to get the express data out, did that and imported it into Outlook, got the machine up on the network, changed the password, added an Outlook shortcut to the home screen (something that the Geeks said was not possible!), sent and received a few test email, printed, scanned and Bob’s your uncle.

Hopped in the car and headed north. So the score on Geek Squad is fairly low. My advise is avoid Best Buy and stay away from the Geek Squad.

Poster in-route from NJ. No, I’m not driving!

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