Suited for Space

We visited the Suited for Space exhibit at the American Textile History Museum yesterday. Here’s a link.


The kids had a great time running around and looking at everything and JMan was really impressed with the airplane on the second floor.


We also tried on a space suit! It took hours to get into it…..just kidding, it was one of those stand behind ones!

GMan goes orbital.


I wonder if these gloves would be good for snowboarding!


Luke I’m really your aunt! Hello, any one home. Look real hard and you’ll see Jess.


GMan and JMan trying to life a 250lb bale of cotton.



JMan ringing the work bell. It was used to call and dismiss mill worker.


Before we left we all made paper rockets.


JMan at the Launch Pad.


JMan blasts off and GMan gets ready.


After a few minutes of shooting at the real targets (photos of planets) all of us decided that blasting each other was more fun. So for 20 minutes we all ran around and blew off some steam! I’m sure they were happy to see us leave as the collateral head count was increasing by the minute!

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