GMan’s birthday

It’s GMan’s birthday this week so we are doing the cool stuff today.

We started in the Hard Rock cafe in Boston. GMan’s friend W from school came along.


GMan was sufficiently embarrassed by the screaming happy birthday routine they do here.


However the bonus is the ice cream sunday.


The icing on the cake was Blue Man Group.


If you have not seem it……go!


All ready for the flying bananas, paint, Captain Crunch or what else makes it off the stage.


With second row seating we managed to get slimed a few time. At this range you also need a good stomach as well as good reflexes! But at any distance it’s a great show and very funny.


GMan and W meet a Blue Man post show in the lobby. These guys are great at keeping straight faces. Even during photo time they stay in character. However, during the Captain Crunch routine one did crack a smile at his drooling crunch, but managed to keep it together. We on the other hand didn’t know whether to laugh or be totally grosses out, we chose a combination but leaned toward laughter.


GMan’s buddy W


Blue Man meets Green Man!


The whole gang meets Blue Man



W and GMan show off their true spots.

After show pick me up….commonly know as an SB fix.



Paparazzi discovered.


Happy birthday GMan….here’s to many many more. Love Dad

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