Safe House

Just go see it! Acton packed with a half decent story line. However, it was a little too Bourne Identity for my liking. The cars chases saved the day for me!

Target therapy

Finally got to the club for some target therapy! The below is the end result of continually stacking targets up to four, with 50 rounds a piece. This was a “just for fun” session, however all shots were one handed. I wanted to see the end grouping of all 200 rounds. Not a bad grouping with some flyers here and there and clearly I’m more fond of the South West & North East over the other two quadrants.


Car inspection update

Update on my car inspection. Yesterday morning while driving our kids to school I noticed the flashing cruse and solid check engine light were out. According to my Subaru dealership this combination of festive lights means the gas cap was not or is not properly closed. I’m not sure I believe them as every time they reset it, it come back on again. The last few time I filled the gas tank myself and made sure the cap was on!

In any event I saw a window of opportunity to return to the garage to get re-tested. The last time I were there the guy that ran the test reminded me of Colin McRae. I asked in passing this time where he was from as he looked like a lad who fell off the boat so to speak, last week. Turns out his dad is from Dublin and his mom is from Donegal. Clearly he’s 1st generation Irish, and he also said that his mom’s side of the family was from Scotland! So perhaps our Mr. Murphy is related to the late great rally driver from Scotland.

Mr Murphy (I never got his first name) never made it to Ireland and said he’d like to some day. I meet so many people that say this and unfortunately never make it. After re-testing, my car passed with flying colors and off I went a happy man.


At the Loraz with GMan, JMan waiting on some friends. The previews look good and it should have a few good adult lines. I’ll review after movie.


Well the movie was good, unfortunately it sold out so our friends never made it. We got there about 20 minutes before show time and the place was empty! Apparently everyone showed up at the last minute. I considered buying tickets for everyone but didn’t as the place was practically empty! I’m any event the JMan giggled through the entire thing and the GMan said he liked it. It has some great adult lines, humor and music. This was another fine example of CGI, I wonder if any Autodesk software was used? Its amazing how real the characters expression are and how real the truffula trees look.

It’s a must see if you have offspring or just want to act like one for an hour or so!





The perfect gloves

Many years ago my brother introduced me to snowboarding. During one of our many conversation he wisely said that “one of the most important pieces of equipment is a good pair of gloves”.

I tried on many and finally shelled out just under $100 for a pair of Burton’s Gore Tex gauntlet style. They had removable liners and wrist strings so you wouldn’t loose them on the chair lift. For years I used them for everything from boarding to snow blowing and back to tossing snowballs at the kids. Simply put they were bullet proof, never leaked and my hands were always warn.

However, like myself they started showing signs of wear! At the start of this season they took a turn for the worse. The outer material started flaking off a few fingers and thread were showing in the fingers tips. Also, the thumbs lost all the outer coating and on real cold day my fingers were getting cold.

The quest was on to find replacements. At ten year plus I knew I was not going to find a pair like mine, but I really wanted to come close. I must have tried on fifty pairs of gloves and I even took a few runs in a pair of Swany X-Cell ll Gloves. They were very warm but I couldn’t get them to go over my jacket arms, just under. Two runs later I didn’t like how that felt so off they came and on went my Burtons. The other concern was how long it would take for an all leather glove to dry. Quite a while it turned out even after two runs. Thankfully the store took them back.

Other than getting gloves that I liked I also needed to get them on over my wrist guards. At this stage it’s all about making it down the hill in one piece, do I won’t board without them. After additional research I came across Hestra gloves. I ordered a pair of there Heli Gloves from for $ 80 and some change. According to Hestra’s sizing chart I needed a size 9, but with my wrist guards that turned into a size 10. With free two day shipping I had them in no time and at first glance I was very impressed. Like my Burton’s they have a removable liner and wrist strings, except it’s a string that attaches to the glove and an elastic material band that goes on your wrist. I don’t think you could accidentally drop them even if you tried. They feel warmer that the Burton’s as the liners are much heavier. I can easily get my hand with wrist guard into them. I may order a pair of liners that a size 9 at some point but I can use

my old liners also. All in all I’m very happy with them and I cant wait to try them out.

BTW. I did find a few loose thread on one seam but one live chat with backcountry and a replacement pair was on the way. No question asked, no hassle and they included a free UPS shipping tag.

Go here for details on Hestra Heli Gloves:

Go here for backcountry:

Go here for details on Swany X-CELL II GLOV:


Last night while I was at the BAC I got my annual reminder from the Boston ticket givers that my inspection stickers expired!

First off I know it’s my own fault, but if you can flip over a Smart Car and put it in some of the pot holes in Boston street I hope they spend my money wisely.

Also, it’s a $40 ticket! Wow, that hurts. So check your stickers!

Update March 4: I went to get a new sticker and my car failed! Apparently the flashing cruse light has something to do with the emissions. The last time that happened the guy at the dealership said that the light comes on if the gas cap is not closed all the way. So now it’s off to the dealership to get it turned off once again. Then back to the other garage for a real sticker. Currently I’m sporting an “R” which means I have 60 days to get it fixed. Hmmm, I think I just made it thru to May!


x-ray of me

So the last time we went snowboarding I took a pretty good fall. I know I did something as my left ankle was not happy with me! A week and a bit later it’s still at me so I went to the nice folks at Lahey Clinic Burlington. A few x-rays later and a chat with the doctor it’s turns out to be a Grade-1 sprain.

When I told the doc what I did he gave me a funny look as if to say “well at your age perhaps you should stick to flat ground”, but also promoted the fact that in a few weeks we’ll be hitting the slopes for four days!

The fix is stay off it, keep it elevated and take it easy for now. I’ll give it a try and see what happens.