Target practice

Finally got back to the club for some practice. My targets clearly show I missed a few weeks at least on standard single handed shots.

#1-20 shots @ 50 Feet


#2-20 shots @ 50 Feet


#3-20 shots @ 50 Feet


#4-20 shots @ 50 Feet


#5-50 shots @ 50 Feet


#6-50 shots @ 50 Feet


#7- Two handed supported @ 75 Feet. Not sure how many rounds as I was plinking empty 12 gauge with the same set of 50 rounds. In any event clearly my double handed needs no help!



Real Racing 2

Just down loaded Real Racing 2 yesterday. So far I’m impressed. It’s a step up from the old one and it seems that everything has improved. Go here for more info

Old butt/new butt

I sandblasted the butt of the rifle I’m restoring yesterday. After a good soaking in the ultra sonic cleaner all the heavy rust came right off. I used a wire wheel on an air tool to clean up the remainder.

A few minutes in the sandblasted and the part came out looking pretty good.

Here’s the new:


Here’s the old:


Outback update

So my subu was in for a new front passenger half shaft. The booth was ripped and I was quoted by Subaru of Hudson NH $400 to change the boot, or $420 for the whole shaft, and if I did the booth they really could not warranty it! So for all the brain surgeons or perhaps proctologists in the group I opted for the shaft, no pun intended.

The bad news is my catalytic converters were also on the way out. That’s why my dashboard looks like a cheap xmass tree. However, the cats were covered under an obscure warranty by the state of MA! I had to ask as I was certain that our Mr. Patrick would be camped out at the border with a bill in his hand waiting for me. Apparently I fell into a small window: 2005-2006, non turbo 2.5L between 100 and 150k miles and you need to live in MA. So thank you state of MA. You just saved me at least $1200. This makes up for all the parking tickets I’ve gotten in Boston over the past 25 years or so.

While my ride was in the shop and since they were out of loaners I ended up in an Enterprise rental. A sharp dress what seemed like 7 year old drove three of us back to the rental lot. The only thing that was missing was the paper covered car! Anyhow, for a $5 upgrade I got a new Nissan Maxima. I was thinking it was better that the Kia we just got out of and probably a little safer….and faster. However, I a little disappointed. It reminded me of driving my dad’s tractor! Very heavy in the nose, no idea where the wheels are pointing and no feedback from the steering. You have to mash on the gas to get it to move, but it has a cool start button….doesn’t make you for it. The interior is nice and its a good looking car, but not for me!

In any event it will be back to the rental lot for the Max and back to the Subu for me.

Model Matzah Bakery

We all went to a Model Matzah Bakery this morning. The kids ground the wheat to make flower, rolled out the dough and into the over the matza went.




Separating the wheat from the chaff.


Grinding the wheat.



Rolling the dough.


Into the over.



The end result.