Random photos from this week

Top left clockwise.

1. Friday nights ale. Don’t believe the name as it’s 8.5% so how could it be a FUNCRUSHER! Good stuff and exactly what I needed at the end of this week.

2. Drawer slide brackets that went out of production 30 years ago. A good friend said his 80 plus year old mom needed to replace some cabinet parts but could not find then. I measured up an existing one and printed a bunch on my 3D printer.

3. Once to get the plate you’ll get the picture. Spotted in 495 north.

4. JMan sampling some imported soda at a local Chinese restaurant.

5. Jammy Pants ale! The label was much better than the ale. Looked like thick Cranberry juice coming out of the can…yup its deep red/purple and it tasted like cough medicine. If my better 1/2 had not paid $5 for it I’d have tossed it. I can truthfully say that Bud Light would be better.

Almost double take

In Mass you can get low number license plates. Actually, nowadays you can either win one in a lottery the RMV holds or get one that’s passed down in a family. A low number plate typically contain a series of numbers with no spaces in the middle.

I got mine in the early ninitees from a friend that moved out west. Over the year I keep an eye out for plates that are close to mine. The other day my better 1/2 spotted the following in traffic.

It’s so close to mine Jess though I bought a new car….and forgot to mention it! My plate is 96988 and the caddy is just 10 off.

BTW….If I ever sneak out and buy a new car I’ll go all out, it will have 911 C4 on the back.

Vanity Plate

Spotted this one getting on 495 west in Buzzards Bay.


I wonder what they do for a living! 

Vanity Plate

Spotted this one on route 3 heading back to free state of New Hamshire. Not exactly a Martha approved plate, but I like it…..a lot!


This one is care of Mr.B


Vanity Plate

Spotted this one in traffic. Perhaps I’ll see if it’s available in a MASS(hole) version!