Random weekend photos

Koda taking a rest from out Saturday am walk.

Yet another rest!

After Koda was turned away from kids fest at Wachusett Mountain…….which mind you had a dog show……we took the high road….. to the top of the mountain that is.

Today we celebrated GMan’s bday. He wanted pizza at Regina’s in the North End so we happily supported his choice.

Its just good……go eat, be happy.

Thacher and North Margin Streets. I wonder how many tourists have stood on this corner wondering how to walk off dinner.

No visit to the North End is complete without a visit to Caffe Vittoria.

We got prime real estate in the window. It was quite busy….I just timed this shot with no one in it.

JMan an his sausage dog on a skateboard balloon creation.

More fall activities

Today almost all of us visited Marini Farm Stand in Ipswich MA. The highlight was getting completely lost in the corn maze.

The optimistic maze trotters about to head where hundreds have failed before.

JMan choosing an entry point. To made matters worse I left my glasses in the car. So even with a good map…like the one behind JMan I could not see it anyways.

The tape changes colors depending on how lost you are, but green means you were almost out. Spoiler alert….we did not find the green tape.

Everyone tried a turn at leading including Koda.

JMan with our “get me the frig out of here flag”, which I might add we did not use.

Your very lost tour guides.

JMan gets in a hug.

After 20 or so of wandering around I decided to backtrack out of the yellow area and back into the blue area as thats the color at the start. The boy scout in me followed the sun and a few minutes later we popped out in the same place we started. Did we cheat…sure, but hot cider and donuts far out rank the Iowa feeling.

JMan and Jess get in a little rest on one huge chair.

Potato cannon….

Mine turn…I managed one hit at about 4:30 on what looked like a 6 foot square target at 35 yards. Not bad and I’m definitely going to look into building one of these puppies. No AFT stamp required and legal in all 50 states.

Quick run on the giant slide…

And who said kids have all the fun. BTW adults go faster as gravity has more to work with!

Gangs all here selfie.

Red Apple Farm

Family day out at the Red Apple Farm in Phillipston MA. If was a serious effort the pry the offspring away from electronic simulation but the threat of bodily harm and the chance of getting cider donuts convinced them to leave the cave and venture into the big blue yonder.

40 minutes later we were in banjo land surrounded by lots of good looking animals and a few humans that looked like they spent way too much time in the boonies.

Koda on the other hand was in heaven. Lots of love from all manner of folks, big small, some with 4 legs and tails.

We managed to stay away from the fried dough and cider belly bombs. It was touch and go for a few when I could not find coffee at 3pm, but one of the many workers pointed me toward my salvation. No ice coffee but I made use of my double cup and found ice….so ice and coffee make…well you get the picture.

GMan had a little father/son challenge flipping tires the local Cross fit folks had on hand. I took the bigger of the two we had and still managed 8.5 flips in 30 seconds….GMan got me by .5….thats 1/2 a flip. Not bad for an old fart. We did however set a new record which stood for the remainder of the afternoon. I’m fairly certain my body will remind me of that event in the am.

During the toss…I’m the gray headed one in the background….incase you mixed us up. Hard to believe GMan is almost as tall as me.

I managed a hand slap in public from GMan after….bonus points for almost self inducing a heart attack.

Jess and Koda hit the pumpkin patch.

Joined by JMan…

JMan on the other hand decided to try a tractor pull….meaning he pulled the tractor. He got off to a great start as it was a slight grade in his favor, but when gravity went against him it was tractor 1 – JMan 0. Good effort up until the end, I was a tad concerned he’d bust a ring on the final pull.

We saw all types of animals, some with better hair than many of the rubberneckers on the outside of the fences….or was it really the inside! In any event the Alpacas won best hair in my books.

My dear you look marvelous!

Everyone had a wonderful day and we only brought home the remainder of 1/2 an apple pie that GMan and I put a serious dent in….come on now, flipping tires is hard work!

Your friendly tour guides.

Random weekend photos

Top left: JMan our 10 year old pulled an April’s Fools on me this am by lacing my toothbrush with blue food dye! I can’t wait to hear what he gets up to in college. Probably will put my stories to shame.

Top right: Celebrating Passover….we were late this year, but better late than never.

Bottom left: JMan and I took a walk in the woods today. It was great to get back into the trees.

Bottom right: JMan taking a rest on the trail.

Big boat – Day 1

To say this boat is big is an understatement….it’s huge. The boys were completely surprised and really excited when they found out we were going on a cruise.

Backing up for a bit. We went to breakfast with an old friend from back up North. It was great catching up with AP after all these years.

The above is the view from our room in port.

Pulling out of Fort Lauderdale. All the folks on shore wave as we passed by. Below is last beach we’ll see till tomorrow am….Nassau Bahamas.

Your happy tour guides at dinner.

Random weekend photos

JMan and I had breakfast at the club this am and tried some archery afterwards. I was very impressed with J’s skills and he proudly announced that he had lots of experience from summer camp. I never shot a compound bow before…..and I may have found yet another hobby.

Later we went skating, well JMan did and I watched.

Bowling time

I brought the kids bowling on Sunday. I bowed out based on my bum thumb. The good news is it’s getting better and the kids had a good time anyways.

JMan launches one down stream. By launching I mean he typically hit the floor about 1/2 down the lane! However, look at that form.

GMan on the other hand had a tad more control, but I’m not digging his form, or baggy pants.

Camera man

GMan ran a camera at his school’s football game tonight. Turns out he’s got a good eye and was ask by the commutation manager to cover the game.Apparently it was a live feed but we’re not sure where. In any event he had a good time and was asked back for more.The LA Spartan easily handled Milton. Can’t remember the final score but it was twenty something to six…..He said next time he’ll wear gloves and a winter coat!Photo credit: Mr. Bishop (Lawrence Academy). GMan is the light gray hoodie on the left at the railing.

Random Ireland photos – 8

No trip to Ireland is complete without a trip to Sean's and Murray's. We got to Sean's in the afternoon and I made Murray's tonight with my brother.

Gangs all here. Sean's bar is officially the oldest bar in the world and the first bar I (illegally) bought a pint in.

Pint of black for me and a glass of cider for my better 1/2.

One of my favorite spots in Sean's, just inside the front door on the left.

I really like this pint glass nook. My hat is off the the architect!

I didn't take any photos in Murray's, that was strictly a "have a few pints and go home" event.

Cheers all. It will be hard getting on the plane tomorrow, but we'll be back again.