Wet dog anyone.

Koda got himself an above ground pool today. He was very happy splashing around and then rolling in the dirt, then repeating the cycle.

Just my size….

GMan gets showered.

He’s real cute….so is JMan.

Koda’s big day out

With back to back viewing we decided to take a drive and spend the day out. We pointed Subu toward Kittery Maine and pack up the kids, Koda and all his supplies. Kinda like having a baby again except you can legally put dogs in a cage!

First stop was “When Pig Fly” for lunch. This is a great place and one we visit if in the area. Since we had Koda we had to order out but we ate on the outside deck.

Everyone who came and went came over to give Koda a rub. With all this attention I’m seriously thinking of going blond and getting a perm!

After lunch the boy did some algebra while Koda tried to figure out how to pick up the root beer bottle.

Then we did a little browsing, first at the Trading Post then it was ice cream time.

Dude this white stuff was s great….can I have more?

After we lay about on the grass while more people rubbed up Koda!

A good day was had by all.

Random weekend photos

Koda found the cutting pile and had a great time running around and digging in it.

Play time lead directly to bath time!

Found this as GMan and I were cleaning up.


JMan and Koda out for a walk.

Koda’s favorite toy.

Koda is the best alarm clock in the world. Just plop him down and he goes to town on JMan.

Latest addition

Here’s the latest addition to our household.

Koda is a Golden Doodle and seems to be settling in well. He’s a bundle of joy and energy and for sure will be keeping us on our toes.