Happy Hanukkah

Happy Hanukkah to all. Since this is Kodas first Hanukkah we let him light the candles and do the blessing…..well, we helped with the candles as he’s missed thumbs….okay, we said the blessing….but he looks sharp in his yarmulkes!

Random weekend photos

Looking up

Looking down

Just chilling

JMan and I went to a toy train show. Brought back memories of my own set from years ago.

The details are simply incredible. If this what the road show sets look like I bet the permanent home sets are truly wonderful.

Overpass 1.

Overpass 2.

Just for fun. Koda got himself a winter suit.

This week random…..

JMan gets in a late evening swim before school starts back up.

Koda looking good on the trail.

Hmm mom, not so sure I like these limey things!

Fell off the rails…

I fell off the rails for a few weeks. Here’s a few photos to keep you all amused.

Koda keeping an eye on the trail.

And wondering how to get at the water during our evening hike.

Interesting railing idea. Looks like 4″ spacing so it will pass inspection!

Calling the flock, North Church – Portsmouth NH

A different sort of calling…the draw of water.

Because he’s so cute

Koda is settling into the new gaff quite well. Here’s a few cuteness photos.

Before a visit to the spa.

Shortly after the spa.

Just chilling in the doggie park.

Enjoying a little of JMan bday ice cream.