All moved in…well mostlyh

Movers showed up at 8:30 and packed everything we needed for in the apartment and some boxes to be stored in the garage. JMan and I spend the morning prepping the apartment and when we got home at 11:30 the movers were hungry to fill the second truck. 25 minutes later we emptied the entire second floor of the garage.

Koda checking out the movers truck. Despite all the commotion he did quite well throughout the process. BTW is that not the nicest floor in a truck you ever saw!

After the movers left GMan got reawakened with his couch. He also did really well and I’d be a lot more tied without him.

Above: Koda get in a dog nap. Below: Later he got in a little game time with the boys.

And a few hugs….

The garage is filling up nicely. I’ll have to do a little tidy up but according to the movers and as I suspected, we’ll easily get in all the rest of the furniture we are keeping and the tools from the garage.

The aftermath of 25 minutes work with me feeding, 4 lads running and another loading the truck.

The first of many….I certain. In the foreground are some pins my good friend Mike B gave me. Seems appropriate given my choice in beverage. Thank Mike.

All in all it was a good day, both happy and sad but now we need to settle in for a few days and next week we do it again….but this time just garage to garage.

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