Button Bay VT Camping – Day 2

My day started a few times during the night but thankfully I settled and did not fully wake till 6:45. My upper bunk mate JMan did not stir for quite a while. GMan rolled over but did not get up.

Breakfast of camps….instant Starbucks coffee and oatmeal….all you need is boiling water.

The boys sung happy birthday to me….yup today is bday and gave me some cards. The morning was spent sitting around doing absolutely nothing. Mother Nature dishes up a stiff breeze with temps around 60. It felt colder as the breeze was coming straight off the lake.

Later JMan and I went for a bike ride and GMan tried catching lunch.

The lake was pretty choppy but at least the mosquitoes were not biting as it was blowing good by the water.

Lake Champlain reminds me so much of Lough Ree and all the days we spend on it. My bother Mick and I were about the same age as GMan and JMan are now, so it’s very similar in many ways.

The following are a few photo along the Button Bay Point trail.

Lunch was chicken noodle…just add boiling water and wait 9 minutes…

After lunch it was more hanging around doing nothing, which is quite nice. Then at some point we went to the main office and got some fire wood. After all you simply cannot camp with a campfire. However, since it’s my birthday we took a ride into Vergennes for ice cream.

The main scoop fit the bill quite well.

While in the bustling town of Vergennes we picked up some real food, hot dogs, chicken sausages, cheese, crackers and a few other odds and ends.

Not quite a home cooked meal, but it sure was tasty. We sat around the campfire for a bit and called it a day around 10:15.

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