Culture weekend…

Last night the upper school kids preformed Spamalot at JMans school and today was the 1/4 finals collegiate acapella concert at Boston Symphony Hall.

Spamalot was a blast, Jess and I, including all the other over 40’s in the room were repeating all the lines with the actors and actresses. The kids put on a great show and it brought back fond memories of hanging out at Goldsmiths Tavern in St Mary’s Square watching Monty Python. Every time the door would open we’d pause the movie and hide the pints! Never know when the boys in blue would appear….not that we were doing anything wrong!

Today’s concert was great. 10 colleges had 12 minutes a piece to wow the judges and entertain the rest of us. This was our first time in BSH and it’s a wonderful old world theatre. We were two rows from the stage, off to one side, but the kids made good use of the entire stage. Perhaps I’m getting old but some of the clothing choices were a tad revealing considering the matinee age of the audience. I was expecting to see at least one wardrobe malfunction but if it happened I missed it. Beyond that the singing and beatboxing was great.

Top: All the teams on stage prior to the awards ceremony.

Left middle: The boys.

Left bottom: Bach to front the stage dips at least 10″. Notice the height of the baseboard?

Right bottom: Bus drive and wife!

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