Kitchen gadget queen

My dear wife has many titles and this one is especially appropriate. Not that she spends quality time on QVC but every kitchen store from Target to William Sonoma is prime pickings. This Hanukkah a new gadget was mentioned as a possible gift. The item in question is an Instant Pot.

A quick search resulted in many choices and many more gushing reviews with all manner of tasty meals cooked in minutes. What could be better, except someone other than us doing the cooking, or perhaps a phone and a credit card….which is dead handy for whipping up a meal. Basically an instant pot is a modern pressure cooker that won’t blow a hole in your kitchen ceiling.

Anyhow, always one for a bargain (remind me to tell you about the time I tried to bargain with a cashier over the price of a gallon of milk) I found one on sale at Target, better yet in NH so sorry MA I’ll keep the 6.5!

Tonight was it’s maiden voyage and Jess decided on chicken. I’m not going to bore you with the entire recipe but 3 minutes a side in the pot, then lock on the top and cook on high for 5 minutes….done!

The results were very good and we were all very impressed with the latest addition to our kitchen gadget family. The naming party is in a few week, watch out for the invite.

It wasn’t as quick as “chicken good” in the Fifth Element, but 11 minutes and only one pot to clean….I’d say it’s a winner.

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