Boys and toys

A few year ago while on vacation the resort we stayed at had a bunch of Xbox consoles. I spend all of my time in Forza, I think it was Forza 2 at the time.

Keep in mind I never got into video game as a kid, too busy turning turf or saving hay to wind away countless hours playing Astroids…..but I really enjoyed this racing game.

Fast forward a few years to the Microsoft Store at your local mall where I was reintroduced to Xbox. In the middle somewhere I also downloaded and played Real Racing on my iPhone but with a small screen it’s hard to really get into it. We have a Wii U but Minecraft and Mario Kart and not my kettle of fish.

A few weeks ago one of my Facebook friends mentioned a Black Friday deal on Forza 7, and the bonus is you can download and play on a Windows 10 machine… no console needed. Finally I found a use for a laptop I bought last Black Friday which was intended for Revit, but Win 10, 4K monitor and Revit do not play well together. So I ended up with a screaming laptop that happens to have great graphics!

So $84.99 later I downloaded and installed Forza Motorsport 7 Ultimate Edition. Might as well have it all if it’s on sale. Test driving on my laptop was a joke so I started looking into controllers then steering wheels/peddles. I’m guessing GMan talked to my better 1/2 and I ended up with an early Hanukkah gift, a Thrustmaster TMX steering wheel and pedal set. Call me a geek, but this thing is cool and very addicting. Not that I’m going to lock myself in the basement…..but since I have a few weeks off I will be taking in a few races.

I set up user account for the boys and we all had a turn. I later found a DCMI cable and hooked my laptop up to the basement tv. It’s not 4K but the graphics are still good.

JMan working it.

GMan having a go.

Yours truly at the wheel. The techie in me is very impressed with the game, graphics, steering wheel (with feedback) and peddles. Highly recommended for all you gamers.

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