Knock your socks off customer service

Some of you may know and/or may have read “Delivering Knock your socks off customer service“. One thing I learned from my time in software support is knowing everything is not good support. Asking the right questions will get you much further down the road to a happy customer than coming across as a know it all. Also, follow ups are equally as important, checking in to see if the solution worked or is the customer has any additional questions or concerns.

My recent thumb job was fixed by the nice folks at Lahey Clinic (Peabody MA). Not only did I get a follow up call but today I received “speedy recovery” card that was signed by all the staff I interacted with.

This goes above and beyond my expectations of knock your socks off customer service. I was very happy with how things went to date and this is just icing on the cake.

By the way, I’m doing much better, (think I’ll go for a walk).

Card and club hand!

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