Cast Art

Following up on “This just happened”, here’s one thing that folks educated as architect can do when they can’t push a mouse around.

While sitting on the couch watching yet another bad movie I figured I could kill some time doodling on my cast. Clearly this is not a new concept but as this was first break it was very new to me.

Up first we have our old friend from 1975.


How about some Celtic Art.

Here’s a little reminder for the doc who going to fix me all up with a titanium plate and screws in a few hours.

No architectural drawing set is complete with out details.

Everyone added a little something and all mine were by left hand. Apparently, the nuns only removed the pen from my left hand when conforming me to a right handed kid!

Good job my left hand is still wired to the right side of my brain. Odd thing is I can’t write with my left, only my right and it’s all caps all the time. More later….after the meds wear off.

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