It’s all about tribe. When I worked in Manchester NH my tribe was Fortitude. After I took a new job in Holder MA its eXcel fitness. Both gyms are great, clean, well-staffed with all manner of classes and equipment. But it’s the other members that make is worth going and keep going back. Don’t get me wrong the instructors play and very important part but the members make the club. There the glue that holds the whole thing together. Then encourage, promote, offer assistance, help new folks get set up, even pulling out and putting away equipment they did not use. But for me it’s the side bars conversations, that could be poking fun at each other, tossing out a challenge or in my case offering hand jesters to instructors when my body refuses to conform to the task at hand. You could be having the worst day at work but after 50 minutes at the gym you return a new. Nothing like kick boxing (at Fortitude) or eXcel (at eXcel) to put you back in focus and wipe the slate so getting though the afternoon is not as daunting as you once thought.
Unfortunately, I’m in search of a new tribe as today will be my last (official) day at eXcel, as tomorrow is my last day at my current position. To say I’m disappointed with the latter is an understatement but I think I will miss my tribe more. If anyone knows of a new tribe worth hanging out at in the Bedford Street area of Lexington MA do please let me know. 

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