Family Tree

I started working on my family tree several years ago. To date I have 580 people entered with the oldest James Hoey who was born in 1798. I’m 5 generations from him, his great, great, great – grandson.

I tend to go at the tree in spurts and as we are heading across the pond in a few weeks I decided to do a little work.

Here’s my evenings work. This is only 3 generations or 194 of 580 in our tree. What you are looking at is 48 8.5×11 sheets or 98″x48″. The whole tree would be 300 8.5×11 sheets and we don’t have a wall big enough to hang it up! Our immediate family starts in the lower left corner.

I created the tree using a app called MyHeritage. The app is free but if you want to publish online (over a certain number of people) there is a charge. Go here to visit mine.

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