Day 4 – 1/2 moon pond

Day started in the dark, meaning I woke to the swish, swish, creek, creek. Took a little more than my usual 15 seconds to settle back down. That started the wake up, roll over, repeat cycle. At 4:30am, I know as I can time by looking at a watch I figure I’d get up and start packing. However, I’m not sure the kids would see the practically in that move. Not everything I do is practical, but most is efficient and most certainly in time. Ask my wife and kids about that one. I’m one of those 15 minutes early people all the time. You can easily spot us as we get the best seat in movie theaters, well…before you needed to book your seat, who ever came up with that one, movie theaters are for watching movies, not really quiet restaurants with one massive screen, or we’re out chatting with waiting on a school bus while the late comers show up 30 seconds after the bus should leave screeching in on two wheel, after all this is American and we don’t allow anyone to walk, anywhere, except from a parking lot which you can’t get to on foot from the outside to the mall entrance. Now you can get a little scooter to motor around the inside the mall. Mind you if medically you need one go for it, but if it’s donut induced as you have weak ankles because of the extra few hundred pounds you are hauling around that’s a different story. News flash the issue is not your weak ankles. 
I finally got up at 7:45 took a few pills as my good knee was killing me. Everyone over 40 had a good and bad knee or hip or other body part. Mine was self inflicted and I knew the second I did that double hop in the trail yesterday that I would feel that one later. Getting old sucks but it sure beats the alternative. Perhaps I’ll take up a less stressful, body wise activity, like swimming…not. 

Again breakfast was uneventful, oatmeal and coffee. However, GMan spotted a Denny’s the other day in Ruthland and a fried egg and bacon would go a long way. Perhaps there is some point to having ice while camping, but I just can’t seem to make myself do it. Freeze dried and the odd meal out will do for now. Besides we’re not going to whittle away to nothing in a few days. 
We broke camp and headed for civilation…Denny’s that is.

Selfie on the way out.

All in all it was a great camping, well glamping trip. Now for the long drive home and unpacking.

Update….the drive home felt shorter that the drive up, but that always seemed the case. We listen to more of A Walk in the Wood to pass the time and occasionally JMan who was only half listing as he was well stuck into one of the 24 games he has installed in his iPod, ask me how I know that. He would perk up to inquire about something he heard, or rather overheard or jiggle at something foul the narrator just said. One of the more funny comments was during an explanation of all the hikers who never make it off Mount Washington in the White Mountains. The book goes into all manner of details and at one point JMan said “why would they make a mountain that kills so many people”. Why indeed I thought to myself. 

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