Day 1 – 1/2 moon pond

It’s that time of year again when the Quinn boys go hang out in the woods for our annual Memorial Day/weekend camping trip. Like last year we went all out and got a cabin. And like last year 1/2 moon pond, another Vermont State Park is a quite nice. 

The weather for glamping is fine…..however, it rained all the way up and we are still getting showers. But since we are glamping I’m not too concerned. 

Subu all packed up in our driveway before leaving. Three bikes and more gear than we’ll use in a month! Did I mention I love my Yakima cargo box. It’s cavernous and will just about digest any you cram into it. 
GMan in route.

We chose to take the back road up with the exception of hopping on and off 91 for one exit. Given the weather we one stopped once but we still managed to take in the vista and views when the clouds occasionally parted. This campground is about 30 minutes west of Ruthland VT and the last few mile are dirt. After all this is VT and I’m guessing theres as many dirt road as paved ones up here. 

Our home for the next few days. 

What more could you want. Waterviews, tree cover for shade, running water one site to the right, bathrooms around the corner and the all important off street parking.

Pond view from the back of our site. Not just waterviews but waterfront…..well, technical it’s waterback. 

Epic in the wild.

Lunch; Beef Stroganoff with Noodles, crackers and cheese, strawberrys and a cup of joe care or Starbucks instant. Like the last few years we are non ice campers. However, the cheese is on freezer packs and will need to be consumed in the not too distant future. 

GMan looking for the perfect fishing spot.

The pond has fish but no luck catching them so far.

We found this little guy while out walking. I’m guessing the orange color is a defense mechanism in the real wild…..however he stood out like a sore thumb on the blacktop.

I finally got JMan to sit or in this case stand still. This is right behind our cabin by the pond. 

After hanging out a bit more we had Fettuccini Alfredo with Chicken and more cheese/crackers. I also make granola with blueberries that the kids passed on but I had….well JMan tried it but also managed to tip a spoonful over onto himself while waiting for it to cool! Squirrel!

Another camping tradition is audiobooks. We started listing too “A walk in the woods” by Bill Bryson on the ride up. It’s oddly appropriate for our current state of affairs, less the cabin and oil heater. It’s also a tad inappropriate for JMan but given my Irish potty mouth there’s very little he has not heard before. Besides its a joy to hear him chuckle when the narrator spouts out a stream of curse words. It’s a great read and one that I really enjoyed when it came out a few years ago. Not that I’m a big reader, but I really got into this one.

Lights out at 10:05pm. 

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