Friday boarding- night 6

6 for 6. Last night was my official final night for stacking out tables at Wachusett Mountain. GMan will be moving on to high school in the fall but a few teachers and other parents said he can’t leave so I can continue getting tables. 6 for 6 equals 6 years and 6 sessions per year. Hard to believe I did it 36 time. It was an odd feeling leaving the mountain without the table signs!

However, we promised to go back and visit in the coming winter seasons.

Conditions were great thanks to all the snow Mother Nature dropped on Thursday. As usual I took a few runs then JMan and I hit the bunny hill. No magic carpet today, it was right to the chair lift. JMans progression is impressive. He’s connecting turns and while still dropping a hand on occasion when making toe turns, overall he’s doing great.

JMan all by himself on Hitchcock. Go here for a quick video. 

JMan at the top of Ralph Run.

After his lesson we had a quick bite to eat and then he asked if we could do Ralphs Run. Absolutely I said and we headed for the chair. As this chair goes higher on the mountain he peppered me with all manner of questions. How high is it? Is the unloading ramp the same? Is the trail steeper? After I assured him he can handle it off we went. He had no issues on the first run and we immediately did another. 

Wachusett is a great family mountain that affords skiers and boarders an assortment of terrain where they can build skills and confidence. Like his big brother I couldn’t be more proud of him for making it off the bunny slope.  

Selfie on Ralph’s Run

JMan taking a rest.

All in all it was a great ski/boarding program with GMans school and a great run over the past 6 years. Like any mountain you meet some great people, both connected with the school and in the many chair life rides, I hope to continue doing so for many years. 

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