Colorado – Wrap Up

The above sums up the entire trip very nicely. We had a blast, cruised some great powder, meet some wonderful people and  logged a bunch of miles on our boards…we’ll be back…for sure.

Here’s a few shots of us in action. First up is GMan catching some air heading toward #9.

The next one is me. I’ll admit the landing did go as well as I wanted, but what a wonderful ride.


We are very happy we visited Loveland. It’s a straight forward mountain that offers a lot.

Now a few words on our accomdations. We stayed at the Best Western Ptarmigan Lodge in Dillon (CO). It’s a cluster of buildings overlooking the reservoir. Overall it’s a little dated but clear and efficient. Price wise I went for the middle of the road and I’m happy with what we got. Breakfast is include and you have a few choices. There’s also some fruit which is handy for mid morning boarding snacks. There is also a hot tub and a great resturant/pub right in the parking lot. Check out the Arapahoe Cafe if you are in town.

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