Camping – Day 2

After a few hours of restless sleep I was out of our tent at 5:15am. Instant oatmeal and likewise Starbucks coffee was breakfast of champions. 

Then back to bed….well cot and sleeping bag to roll around for a few more hours. It was cold, see your breath cold and that’s in the tent.

Back up again at 6:45. Kids were up by 7:30, more instant oatmeal and off to the playground. The kids struck up an instant friendship with a couple of like aged locals and they all horses around for a bit.

Our goal for today was nothing, but I did want a root beer float from the AW Root Beer drive in diner. My GPS said head north and so we did.

We happened upon a nice covered bridge on the way.

Guff tug


A while later we arrived at the A&W Drive in.




Mean while back at the ranch Mountain House provided dinner again.

 So far The Lasagna and Meat Sauce is winning.

Another bike ride to the play ground and a quick call home as this is the only spot on the camp site with cell reception….one bars worth. So no data, no email, no surfing the web…ain’t live grand. 
This view never gets old.

Either does this one.

 ATMO plug! 

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