Disney – Day 5

No parks today. We spent a while in the RWDSU conference listing to various speakers. Jess’ mom Lenore Miller gave great praise to many past and present members.

Lenore at the podium.


There was also a speaker from Bangladesh talking about the Rana Plaza disaster. As a matter of interest most of the European manufactures have signed an agreement to help workers, where as all American companies have not.

Go here for more information on Rana Plaza

Go here for more information on what RWDSU is doing for garment workers in Bangladesh.

Most of the afternoon was spent in the pool. After that we took the bus to Downtown Disney. The ride there took 30 minutes, but only took 10 on the way home as it did not stop anywhere.

What can I say about Downtown Disney….if you don’t like crowds, load music or a general sense of stimulus overload you should simply avoid it. To sum it up, it’s capitalism at its best, with a smiley face and have a magical day tossed in for good luck.

It was worth seeing, but like any other Disney destination you will need many days to discover. I suggest coming mid week in January when all the kids are at school.

Felton’s Clam Bake with the balloon ride above it.


Jess spotted this sign on the way out of town. I was thinking of applying!


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