Mountain View Grand

My better 1/2 surprised me with a weekend away at the Mountain View Grand in Whitefield NH.

With no kids! That was the first surprise…..dropping the kids at a friends house.

Go here for info on the hotel.

Fog at Franconia Notch on the drive up.



The hotel is great and the service, food are even better.

Saturday morning Jess said to bring my hiking boots and bathing suit as I had another surprise. I went along and we set off. After a short drive to another hotel I found out my next surprise was Team O’Neill Rally Driving School! I’ve wanted to do this for years but something always got in the way.


After a classroom session we climbed into Ford Fiesta’s for some seat time. The instructors are great and I learned so much. A line from the movie Cars make a lot of sense now, “turn right to go left”. With a little left foot brake work even I can make a Ford Fiesta can look graceful in a pendulum turn.


I may rethink front wheel drive as there a blast to drive, after you take this course! However, I can see how a Subaru WRX (STI, even better) would be a blast. This is a great way to seriously beat on a car, learn a few things, make a few mistakes in a “safe” environment and get instant feedback from a trained instructor. Go here for more information on Team O’Neill. If you are in the area and have a few dollars to burn check them out.

Back at the ranch……

Here’s a pano view from the tower of the hotel, which happens to be a Spa. Nothing in this room is an oversize tub a few chairs and candles. Sweet, if you’re into the Spa thing.


Still from the same location.


Here’s some random photos around the hotel.









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