Flow NX2-SE Bindings

I’m not getting any younger and having to sit down to strap in is getting old. Last season I was just bending over and strapping in but GMan had Flows and was always waiting around for me. This season I picked up a pair of Flow NX2-SE from Vince at Zimmermanns in Nashua NH. Vince is a no frills, no pressure sales guy who’s really into boarding and is very helpful and friendly……look him up if you need anything related to snow!

Anyhow, now that the shameless plug is done here’s my first impressions of the bindings……..I like them. I tried then on in the house a few time prior to yesterday first time on the mountain trip. You still have to reach down, but it’s a lot easier than fumbling with two straps and all that cranking. Clearly it’s a lot better than sitting down, because you need to get up and yes it’s hard.

You do need to commit to putting your free boot in, meaning find a flat spot or keep your board perpendicular to the mountain and go for it. It’s at this point gravity could take over, but for the most part I found it very manageable. With regular bindings you place your boot on the board and strap the board to you boot….so to speak. On these you need to get your boot into the binding then pull up on the back latch to lock in. It’s the getting the boot in that’s different. However, it worked very well and believe it or not I beat GMan a few times!

Guess you can teach an old dog new tricks and something to keep in mind, you can still strap in and unstrap like regular bindings which is nice. Mind you, getting the board off while sitting on the ground by unlocking the back strap is work but it’s possible.


For more information the bindings go here.

For more information on Zimmermanns go here.

2 Replies to “Flow NX2-SE Bindings”

  1. Hey
    i am patrick from Belgium and i have a question.The front strap(the one at youre toes) does he allways stay good in place? because i’ve read that sometimes the strap “falls down” and you have to put him back on the right place. Hope you understand what i mean.

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