Wachusett Mountain – Snowboarding

This afternoon was the first night of GMans school ski and boarding lessons. I got to the mountain at 2pm, staked out a few tables and was boarding at 2:30. 4pm the buses arrived and the mountain went from quite to a mad house in 20 minutes. Tonight’s crowd seemed smaller than last year but some of the chaperones looked completely shell shocked and horrified at the disarray. Just imagine 1000 or so kids all arriving, gearing up and hitting the slopes at the same time! Madness….yup, you got the picture.

This year I also volunteered to be a chaperone ranger. Got me a fancy arm band and all. Basically I can give out to out of control brats and yank their badges if necessary. Tonight I eased into my role by telling one kid to move his ski off the base of the trail as someone could easily fall over them, and I motioned to another kid to slow down….he did, so apparently a dirty look and an arm motion was enough.

Break for supper and then back at it. We finally stopped at 9:30. That’s seven hours of boarding for me. My last run was a joke as I don’t think I could feel my feet or legs…..talk about jelly.

All in all it was a great days boarding and again I managed to wear out GMan. Bring on next week and we’ll do it all over again.

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