Ultradot Matchdot ll

At my last practice session I checked out an Ultradot Matchdot ll. Overall I was very impressed and found it easier to pick up the target. The optic is 30mm and the actual dot is very clear compared to mine. In fact mine looks more like a red blotch than a dot.

I ordered one from Ultadot West on Sunday and it showed up on Thursday. The length is about the same as mine and that’s where the similarities end.


Check out Ultradot West’s web site for all the details, but in short it has several different dots, a great range of brightness levels and you can change the elevation on the fly.

When swapping out the old one I decided to remove the barrel, clamp it in vice (with timber on each side) and set up on a target.

I taped this to the side a car in my driveway which was a little over 48′ from the vice.


I figured if I took a point of aim with the existing reddot, removed it, installed the new one, made all the necessary adjustments it should be pretty close to zero!

Here’s the new one in place.


The view through to my target.


Installation completed. I’m going to zero in at the range in the coming days.


View through while holding the pistol muzzle close to the wall.


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