Lazy Mary’s – Ayer MA

For those of you who live in the area go check out Lazy Mary’s in Ayer MA. It opened a few months ago and according to the owner business is good. Go here for more info.

The pizza is good and the pastries are better. The down side is the AC is not working so it’s really hot. There short on tables, but I expect that more sales are pick up, take out or delivery. They do however have a few tables outside so that’s where we sat. You kinda fell like your sitting in the parking lot, but it was a beautiful evening for outdoor eating.


Jess and JMan


Look mommy…it’s an airplane up in the sky.


I guess I should have taken a few shots of the pizza, but we were starving! The bottom line is go.

2 Replies to “Lazy Mary’s – Ayer MA”

  1. Shopping for 2A & fishing supplies at Blue Northern, food at Lazy Mary’s, range time . . . . then off to someplace for a cool, frosty, hopped & malted adult libation. Hmmm. Sound like the making of a near-perfect day. One needs to have goals, dreams, aspirations, etc.

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