Home made 1/2 caf

For those of you that know me you know that I head to Starbucks for my morning fix. At my usual store they know me by name and before I even get to the counter my favorite baresta is ringing in my order. It’s kinda like an ever running episode of Cheers. In any event like so many other Starbucks bound people I just can’t order a plain cup of Joe. Mind you I not rattling off a laundry list of instructions that would baffle Nasa’s main frame, its simply a 1/2 cafe with pike.

As you also know, or have read from prior posts, I camp. Starbucks are uncommon enough out here in the sticks where we live and are very uncommon as you head deeper into the woods. On one camping trip I found one about five miles from the site and would make the trek each morning. But that camp grounds was the only exception to the rule.

Enter Via. I know all you purists will stop reading at this point but for the rest of you Via is not bad considering it’s instant coffee. Clearly it’s not the real deal, but in a pinch I’ll take it any day over the dreaded Dunkin Donuts (DD’s).

Here’s what you need for making a 1/2 caf. One packet of regular and one decaf. One zip lock bag, tea spoon, mug and some boiling water. I cut the tops off the packs as its easier to shake out the coffee into the bag. Zip it up and shake, take a little more that a tea spoon and put in mug, add water, enjoy. The remained of the coffee in the bag will make another cup.

What you’ll need.


Little more than a tea spoon.


Add water and enjoy.


The best story I heard about Via was from a UPS driver. Every day in the afternoon he likes to get a cup of coffee to help make it though the rest of his shift. Trouble is that the only coffee available was DD’s. The solution he found was quite easy. He order for him and his friend except he only get himself a cup of boiling water. While no one was watching he produce a Via from his pocket and add it to the water! Problem solved and apparently you can get decent coffee at DD’s if you try hard enough.

BTW. At full price a Via cup of coffee is 92 cents and 70 cents if you buy from Amazon. Not a bad deal for a cup of Joe.

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