Marc Cohn Concert

Jess and I went to a Marc Cohn concert in Scituate MA tonight. As always he was great. Shane Fontaine accompanied Marc and he was equally as good. It amazes me that Shane’s playing can light up a smile on Marc after all these years of playing together. But then again Shane guitars are really an extension of his arms.

Likewise Marc’s stories and comments to the crowd can ever make the nearly always serious faces Fontaine crack, grin and occasionally laugh out loud!

Marc sang a nice variety of old and a few new/different songs for him and filled in the gaps with stories. He’s a great story teller and all his songs come with some interesting back fill.

Opening for Marc was Matt and Sam Chase. There a couple of brother from the area. It was a nice set and a good warn up act for Marc.

The venue was The River Club and even for Marc it was intimate space. We were in the third row as the first two were reserved but we had clear sight of the entire stage…..well almost. I’m not sure what they put in the water on the south shore but most of them are not height challenged. So we did a little jockeying side to side to see all. Marc even made mention of the fact that it was very intimate as he could see everyone. He said something along the lines off “this place is really intimate, you better be really fu$&ing into it as I can see you!. He got a good laugh out of that one. All in all it was great show and in case you still don’t know who Marc Cohn is have you ever heard; Walking in Memphis or True Companion?. Well now you know!

After the show we chatted with the Chase brother and picked up all four of there CD’s (2 each). So my parting word are, get off your iPods and go listen to good real live music. Support the groups then buy there music or download! Then repeat the process.

Marc and Shane.








The River Club


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