Camping – Day 1

This is our 4th annual camping trip with our good friends BB and is son AMan. Every year we go somewhere different and this time its St. Catherine State Park in Pountney VT. We were a lillte late on booking and this one had all we needed. A lake for fishing, boating, swimming and kayaking. The drive up was uneventful but nice. Compared to last weekends trip this one was slow and meandering. We came out 2 up 91 to Brattleboro and west on 30. 30 is the kind of drive we’re you just want to pack it all in and more up here.

The rangers were very friendly and helpful, but it’s Vermont and folks are just nicer up here. This trip we are staying in a lean-to. This is living it up as far as I’m concerned. Typically we pitch tents but lately I’m feeling my near 1/2 century mark and decided that a hard surface was a better choice.

Our weekend home.



On the road out.


GMan whittling away.


What’s camping without a fire.


Coffee reflections.


Morning # 1.


GMan and AMan


Main street Poultney VT.


Kayaking, fishing and hanging out at the beach. All this before lunch!

Panoramic created on AutoStitch. Lake St. Catherine VT.


Speaking of lunch a small mouth bass jumped out of the water and into our boat, well not really, but that’s the story we told the locals who said bass were not in season yet……hmmm


Here’s the flying bass on the pan. She no fly no more!


GMan hunts for the perfect worm.


GMan on the famous leaning tree.


After the best 50 cents I spent this weekend for a shower we ended up at Big Apple Diner for dinner. It was no ordinary diner (stainless steel can with a counter and some booths). The building may have started out as something else and turned into a restaurant, well diner, well eating hole. In any event they had beer battered perch with choice of starch. I went with the mash and gravy. We endeared up with lots of batter, but it was good. My friend BB had the same and GMan and AMan (BB’s son). Had root beer floats as they ate hot dogs off the camp fire while I was peeling the dirt of myself.

It was a good meal and better first day. More tomorrow.


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