Friday night entertainment

We live a quite life out here in the burbs. This evening a little after 6:30 our CO2-smoke detector went off. Since all are hard wired I reset the one closest to me at the top of the stair. However, the one at the bottom of the stair was flashing on both smoke and CO2.

My better half call the fire department and she was told to get everyone out of the house and they dispatched a fire truck. A few minutes later a Officer Bob showed up as with every fire truck you get a free cruiser! A few minutes later the Fire Deputy showed up followed by a fire truck.

I was volunteered to go back inside with one fireman and his CO2 detector. We walked around the entire house and got zero readings everywhere. At seven years old the fireman was surprised the detectors were on the way out, do he suggested changing the back up batteries and keeping an eye on then.

While I was inside our kids were getting a tour of the fire truck. We thanked all and they went on their way.

GMan & JMan in the fire truck.


Blogging from my couch.

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