Smugglers Notch wrap-up

Overall it was good. I was hoping for more snow, but I’m sure everyone else was also.


The condo was fine and suited our needs. The only suggestions I can make are swapping out the very loud bathroom fan and making it possible to leave via the back slider by having a lock on it. I didn’t mind walking around the building, but the ability to leave and lock thru the back would be nice. It was unclear where to put out the trash. Did I miss a sign? Also, the self closer on the door is way to active! My son could hardly open the door and I was very wary of it accidentally hitting one of us while coming or going.

Fun Zone:

The Fun Zone needs more activities for ages 8 to teens. Perhaps a few video games and the music is way too loud. Typically we were there in the afternoon but on out last day we got in later and it was so loud I had to turn off my hearing aids!


Overall the pool area was very clean and the life guards were very attentive. The only things I would like to see is a towels service and find another solution to the revolving door. I understand the need, but it looks very dirty as the aluminum is oxidized and it’s a little off putting. Also, trying to enter with a bag is hard as the revolving door is small. Perhaps a simply vestibule type set up would work better.


We hit most and the prices seem a little high. I know that eating at any mountain is more expensive but this is a resort and we are paying to stay. $25 for a meat ball sub, small garden salad, two sodas and two chips is a little much for lunch. Overall the food was okay but seemed high in price.


My son attended one of the kids programs (movie, pizza, dancing). We missed the photo, which I’m okay with and my son did want to stay for the dancing. Then I saw the $39 charge! Seemed really high for pizza and a movie.

Now the good stuff!

The boarding lessons were great. Bryce is a wonderful instructor and I would go back in the morning and take more lessons with him.

All staff members that we interacted with seemed very polite and helpful.

The overall resort (what we saw and used) was clear and in good repair, but some was a little dated. Given the time of year the roads were rough but in good shape.

Will I go back….yes. Will I check out other possibilities….yes. We are tired, from all the boarding, but happy.

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