Smugg’s last day

We pack most of the car last night and left out our boarding gear and a change for the ride home. At 8:50am we were the first up the hill. The temp was in the forties. My guess is they groomed last night as I did not hear the car this am and the trails were super fast and icy. By the second run it was loosing up and it got better as the sun got hotter.

I was a little unsteady on the new board, but a few runs into it I started to loosen up. It’s a lot more forgiving that my old one. I know I would have face planted on some of the mistakes I made if I was riding my K2! All in all I’m happy with the purchase.

A few runs later we went down and meet Bryce for our final lesson. I had him work with the GMan on the run do I could get into my new blank. By the end of Bryce had me doing back side turns where you lean back and pick up the front of the board and then spin around. Both of us managed to pull off a few.

All in all the lessons were great and we both learned a great deal. Too bad that the season on this coast is over. We’ll be back.

Currently on the road home.

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