Day 2 – Smugglers Notch

This mornings alarm clock was a snow cat at 6:15am or so. I guess that the price of board in/out condos. In any event the GMan and I want to be first in line this am so we needed to get up anyways.

First in line and first down! I like groomed slush, it’s extra fast! We got in two runs prior to our lesson. Today we lost the kid and picked up a guy about my age. Again Bryce was great and we all picked up a few pointers. The snow is not bad considering the temp. Its 74 degrees right now.

GMan and me.


Currently we are having lunch and after we are heading to the other side of the mountain. We will sleep well tonight!

Well we make it to the other side of the mountain. A quick ride in a what felt like a 20 year old school bus. A big one, not a small one at least! We checked at the ticket counter and a very friendly lady gave us some pointers on making it off the top in one piece. We headed for the life and took it to the top. Again another non detachable double, circa 1970! Okay Snuggles Notch owners, please spend some money on your equipment! Even Wachusetts Mountain has detachable quads! Anyhow, we all know the routine, the lift come at you at 15mph and the attendant is scratching his you know what, and all you can do is squat and take the hit. Off you go at the same speed. The top is just as amusing. The dismount is more narrow than the chair and at 45+ degrees, and the bottom was a slush pit! Yes, I know it’s spring and conditions are bad, but this is comical. Anyhow, after wading thru the slush pit we strapped in and started down.

The boys at the top.


We started down and given my attempt to do a self portrait I asked a skier to take a photo. He obliged and here’s the end results.


Nice job on the photo Mr. Skier! Off we went and the conditions went for okay to slush pushing to dirt digging. At one point I clipped an edge and ended up doing a nice forward roll in some nice VT muck! It was one of those graceful rolls where I managed to control my hurling mass. One hit to my butt, thank you impact pants, and I was back on the board dirt shoving again.

I took it easy on the rest as I knew I was running out of steam. One run and a quick tour of the lodge and it was back to the condo.

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  1. Ok, you are going to add a bit more details to make this a blog and not a Facebook post for us all to read. I know I need some of that AQ sarcasm and anecdotes.

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