Car inspection update

Update on my car inspection. Yesterday morning while driving our kids to school I noticed the flashing cruse and solid check engine light were out. According to my Subaru dealership this combination of festive lights means the gas cap was not or is not properly closed. I’m not sure I believe them as every time they reset it, it come back on again. The last few time I filled the gas tank myself and made sure the cap was on!

In any event I saw a window of opportunity to return to the garage to get re-tested. The last time I were there the guy that ran the test reminded me of Colin McRae. I asked in passing this time where he was from as he looked like a lad who fell off the boat so to speak, last week. Turns out his dad is from Dublin and his mom is from Donegal. Clearly he’s 1st generation Irish, and he also said that his mom’s side of the family was from Scotland! So perhaps our Mr. Murphy is related to the late great rally driver from Scotland.

Mr Murphy (I never got his first name) never made it to Ireland and said he’d like to some day. I meet so many people that say this and unfortunately never make it. After re-testing, my car passed with flying colors and off I went a happy man.

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