Camping – Day 3

Today started by convincing GMan that taking a shower is not only be a good idea, but as necessity as folks have started to stare at him!

He finally gave in and yet again I got great value out of some quarters. This time I treated myself and went for a 75 cent shower. In any event the GMan actually said he felt better after. Hmmm, why am I not surprised, three days of hanging in the woods and sitting in front of camp fires my guess is he lost weight while showering because of all the dirt he washed off!

We broke tradition and headed to civilization for breakfast. I figured since we were clean why not have breakfast out. Now Pountney VT is small but wouldn’t you know it they got a swanky shiny new Dunkin Donuts/gas station/convenient store. I can’t remember the last time I had coffee from one, but desperate times call for desperate measures. How bad can it be I though to myself as I ordered a tall….I mean small….cream and sugar she asked….hmmm, cream I said….well as usual it’s did not disappoint me….it’s was bad. A friend once said that Dunkin Donut coffee is sustainable….why you might ask? Well, it’s because they only ues one coffee bean per pot. The rest is dish water and food coloring! For the purpose of washing down my egg cheese bagel it worked.

The rest of the morning was spend hanging out at the beach. B and AMan left around one as AMan has homework due in Wednesday.

Morning Day 3. My mountain man look is coming in just fine.


Coffee…..I mean dirt anyone!


GMan and the swamp thing.


Fish anyone. No we didn’t catch it, more like found it on the beach.


GMan sizes up the fish.


Pardon me, do you know where a lad can get a decent cup of Joe around here?


Lost shoes.


The only gig in town serving anything on Memorial Day. The Stationon Depot Street (I think). The building was the original train station in the town. At this point it not clear where the track were. I wonder when it stopped running?

In any event it’s now a bakery and sandwich place. The bread was wonderfully and so was everything else.


After lunch we went exploring up a stream that lets out into Lake St. Catherine. We followed it for forty five minutes or so then turned back. I played with the AutoStitch app and below are some of the results. It was fun wading through the water and out LL Bean kayak boots really paid off. The water was very cold but our feet were nice and warn.



GMan wanted to go kayaking when we returned to camp. After yesterdays impromptu swim I was happy he wanted to go back out. He led the way and set the pace. It was very quite on the lake so no big waves other annoying wave runner noise. We paddles around for a bit and then I suggested try to stand up in our kayaks near the beach. It didn’t take long before we both fell out! We practiced self rescue while I failed at miserably. GMan on the other hand had no issue climbing back in his boat and padding away. After a few more shots we packed up and headed back to camp.

GMan on the lake.


Low light GMan.


The boys.


Low light Subu.


Low light us.