Bullseye training tool

I was thinking of how to combine two sports the other day. One that I really like, bullseye shooting, and one that I don’t much care for, strength training.

The result I call the “DotWeight” ©
Basically it’s my old reddot, a 5lb weight and a few elastic bands.


I made up some 1/2 scale targets that I place at one end of the room, from the other end I strike my best bullseye pose and try and keep the dot in the black for a 20 count. Rest for a few minutes and repeat. Simply and effective.

Here’s one of the targets. Its form core with the 1/2 scale target glue on. I created the target in a drafting application and simple printed it out 1/2 scale. Its 6″ tall and 5 1/4″ wide .


PS don’t seal this one, be nice and ask first!

DotWeight ©
LaserWeight ©
SightWeight ©
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