Target therapy

Finally got to the club for some target therapy! The below is the end result of continually stacking targets up to four, with 50 rounds a piece. This was a “just for fun” session, however all shots were one handed. I wanted to see the end grouping of all 200 rounds. Not a bad grouping with some flyers here and there and clearly I’m more fond of the South West & North East over the other two quadrants.


Range night

Got to the indoor range last night and tested out some new ammo in my S+W M41. Up to this point it was on a steady diet of CCI Standard Velocity, but I bought some American Eagle by Federal and it seems to be just a reliable as the regular bulk pack (550) round Federal stuff. I had one hang fire in 120 rounds. It was the last round in that clip and I tried to re-fire without rotating the round but it also failed. I tossed it in the squib can and move on. All in all the results seems the same to me. Keep in mind I was shooting single handed so this was not an accuracy test from a fixed position just a will it shoot test!

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